Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge, which goes across the San Francisco Bay, was built in 1937. It was started in 1933, and was designed Leon Moisseiff. Its total cost was $35 million, and they were $1.3 million under budget. All of the original construction workers are dead as of last month. In May 1987, with insufficient crowd control, the bridge bent down. There were between 750,000 and 1,000,000 people there to celebrate the bridge’s 50th anniversary. So far, it has raised $39 million in tolls. There has been approximately one suicide every two weeks since it was built.

When the Golden Gate Bridge was built, it was the longest suspension bridge ever built. It is now the ninth longest bridge in the world. There are approximately 1.2 million rivets. There are 80,000 miles of wire in the main cables. The bridge is 692 feet above water level, and 8,981 feet long.