Cliff Divers Jump

Parabola Project

Anabelle C.

A cliff divers jump is in a shape of a parabola. The equation for my project was found in the book from a jump someone had taken off of a cliff in Mexico.
The equation for my graph is: y= -x^2+2x+27

Cliff jumping is a very dangerous sport and takes a lot of practice to overcome a nice dive. The highest dive was set on accident, which was 351 ft and is a world record.

Some main factors to remember what to do when diving is never look at the water. Keep your knees bent. Also keep your feet together. Mexico is known for the many cliff dives off of mountain La Quebrada. The speed of a cliff diver is 60 mph with in 3 seconds. The cliff La Quebrada is 27 feet above the water, and one of the most enjoyable dives known.

Equations of parabola:
Standard form: y= -x^2+2x+27
Finding the square to get vertex form: y= -x^2+2x+27
y-27=-x^2+2x, -y+27= x^2-2x, -y+27+1=x^2-2x+1, -y+28=(x-1)^2
y-28= -(x-1)^2
The vertex form is: y-28=-(x-1)^2 (1, 28) is the vertex

Y- intercept: The y intercept in (0, 27) the 27 stands for how many feet the cliff is above the water.

Discriminate: 2^-4*1^2*27= 4-108= -104

X-intercept: (-4.3, 4.3)

Solutions: when the diver is at 10 feet they are 53 feet away from the cliff.