Path of a Basketball Free Throw

Parabola Project

Alexander K.

In basketball, free throws or foul shots are unrestricted tries to score points from a restricted area on the court the free throw line or is also casually known as the foul line or sometimes charity stripe, and are usually awarded after another player hits sed player on the shooter by the opposing team. Each successful charity stripe is worth one point, and sometimes an additional one is given.
h - 14.5=-0.12(x-8.5)^2 Vertex Form
h= -0.12x^2+2x+6 Standard form
h= -0.12(x – 2.5)(x + 19.3) Factored form

The vertex is around (8.5, 14.5)

The discriminant = b^2 -4ac = 2^2-4(-0.12)(6) = 4+2.88 = 6.88
The y-intercept = 14.5
The x-intercepts = (0, -2.5) (0, 19.3)